Hi! My name is Alexa and I am the founder of Ollie’s Day! As a mother of two young boys, I always struggled finding retailers that I loved for them. I realized that many pieces for boys were a bit cheesy (think dinos, trucks, and bulldozers) and I constantly felt like I was struggling to find things we loved for them to wear. I have always gravitated towards more muted, neutral colors with a classic, minimalist design and really wanted my children’s clothing to reflect this style. PS- we LOVE dinos, trucks, and construction equipment, but maybe not on ALL our clothes haha!

So many other moms with boys reached out saying the same thing, so I decided to launch a line of curated pieces that I handpicked as well as designed. Initially, I had no intention of designing my own pieces, but after attending market and realizing that I didn’t really love what I saw, I decided to take a deep dive into design. I have absolutely loved being able to create my own pieces and am so excited to share them with you. Eventually, we would love to have all pieces designed in house, so they are unique to the Ollie’s Day brand.

Obviously, I didn’t want to leave the girls out, so this line includes lots of pieces for all your little ladies! As a mom of boys, I don’t have the opportunity to shop for feminine, girly pieces, but being able to design and curate a line of items for girls has been amazing! It has been so special to tap into my creative side and see my visions come to life.

The name Ollie’s Day stems from the inspiration behind the brand: my two boys, Oliver and Gray. Oliver’s nickname is ‘Ollie’ and when Gray was younger he would tell everyone his name was ‘Day.’ We thought the name Ollie’s Day was a sweet nod to the two boys that motivated me to launch this brand.

Ultimately, I want Ollie’s Day to be a place where you can shop and know that you will find something you love. From basics and swim to loungewear and dressy pieces, we will carry everything you child needs to look (and feel!) their best. We cannot wait to see your sweet little ones in Ollie’s Day and be along with them for all their big adventures!